Commuting: Love it or hate it, you’ll do it again tomorrow.

The free CommuteLondon app is now available at the App Store and Play Store.

The app will let you know train times, delays and what the weather will be on the way home. It will also let you know what other users say about how well the trains are running

You can find out which trains are quieter, cleaner, happier or more reliable. We let users rate every service they take and use this to update others. It gives you the information relevant to your commute and gives you the customers’ view. Oh, and it’s free.

Great Reviews from The Press

Our app and website have had some great reviews from the press and have got us noticed by the BBC, ITV, Sunday Times, Modern Railways, Lifehacker, Mobile Industry Review, Observer, Trusted Reviews and many others. 


  • Let you see side by side what customers and operators are saying about the services running. We scan Twitter to bring you updates from other commuters.
  • Provide travel warnings about the services affecting your route and your commute
  • Be first to know when things start to go wrong or how long the service is really taking to recover after an incident
  • Remind you if you need your brolly or gloves at either end of your commute
  • Help you find out when you’re most likely to get a seat or find a train that runs on time
  • Any time you want to give us feedback, just give the app a shake
  • And much more we’ve got planned, such as what to do during disruption.
  • Search the timetable to find out when you’re most likely to get a seat or find a train that runs on time
  • Get notified if other commuters are reporting problems around the time you start your commute.
  • Start conversations about your train service
  • Tell the operator how you feel
  • Find the happy trains ☺
And more…

Who we cover

The following UK train lines & rail timetables are covered in our app: We also cover the train timetables and live updates for all other UK operators, but not the social feedback and notifications.

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